Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's New Years Eve, it's winter and it's cold...

A prosperous New Year to all !
Well, at least a safe, healthy and loving one.

There has been a little more snow than the usual here in Milwaukee and we had much more than a "White Christmas". These images were taken right after the snow stopped falling on the Friday before Christmas - it was a twelve inch snowfall. The winds were quite strong over Lake Michigan, which kept the snow from accumulating on this bluff at Klode Park in Shorewood. These brave young souls liked it that way though - damn, it was cold there when in the wind.

The park was protected from the wind beyond the top of the bluff - there was no snow on the top of the trees, but leaving it's artwork below the wind line.

A little more "artsy" image, view is looking to the east - the bluff is behind the taller trees. Go ahead, click on it to see a larger view.

There was rain and 50 degree temperature the following weekend, so these scenes are all but a memory.