Monday, June 29, 2009

Riveredge Nature Center panorama images...

Riveredge Nature Center is one of the premier nature centers in the Great Lakes Region, widely recognized for providing innovative environmental education to learners of all ages for 40 years. Their goal is to build a self-discovered awareness that we are part of nature, and to empower people to act on that knowledge.

These panoramas are created from a series of digital images shot with a vertical orientation. These are then opened in Photoshop® CS4 and blended with Photomerge.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Menomonee Valley Park - Chimney Park

See the 2010 update - the chimneys have been demolisherd.

Chimney Park runs along either side of the 35th Street Viaduct, on the northern half of the site.

This is one of the central features of the area - there are two tall smokestacks, the only remnants of the site’s long history as one of the nation’s largest rail yards.

Chimney Park also offers more passive uses, such as unprogrammed turf areas organized around naturalized stormwater management ponds and meadows. is a broad group of partners working to restore the neglected river valley at the very heart of Milwaukee. Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc. envisions a redeveloped Valley that is as central to the city as it was in the past.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kletzsch Park Falls

Glendale is an area once inhabited by Potawatomie Indians, it has been said there are burial grounds along the Milwaukee River as it winds through the park. Kletzsch Park had become one of the most popular parks in the county park system during the early 1930’s – with a river swimming beach and picnic area.

Kletzsch Park was also greatly improved with the use of relief labor. A Civilian Conservation Corps camp was established in Kletzsch Park in May of 1935 and discontinued in November of 1935.

The CCC projects completed included a new dam built across the Milwaukee River with CCC labor. The new structure, built of reinforced concrete in a serpentine design to lengthen the crest, provided increased discharge capacity without widening the river. Models prepared by the landscape design section of the planning department served as guides in erecting the stone facing and the fish ladder built into the face of the dam. The dam has the appearance of a natural waterfall.

Historical information from the “Friends of Kletzsch Park" website - and click on Kletzsch History.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Brewers Hill project...

Milwaukee River East Bank view of the Gallun Tannery unoccupied building. The Holton Viaduct Marsupial Bridge is at the far right side. View is from the EdgeCondo River Walk. This version was overlaid with a B & W infrared layer in Lighten mode in PS CS4 to bring out the evening light on the trees. Full resolution image is 50" x 10". The first in a series photographed in the Brewers Hill area.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Milwaukee's Park East Corridor

Click on this image to see a larger view - this is created from four separate images.

The Park East Corridor is comprised of 64 acres and 29 blocks. The area became a focus of development after Milwaukee took down the 1971 Park East Freeway spur in 2002-2005. You can access maps of the area, its history, and lots of information about the development plan for the Park East Corridor at the Milwaukee Department of City Development website.

Precious Lands... views from the corridor.