Saturday, September 3, 2011

Springtime images—seeing in a different way

I'm revisiting some images made this past Spring (I like starting this year over again) and reworking them with my favorite Flypaper Textures. These not only provide texture, but adds colour as well - and by stacking them and using various blending modes in Photoshop®, this can result with unlimited renditions. I use the Spring, Summer and Edges packs, and learning how to master these is a project in itself. There is a Flicker group where users post their work as well.

These first two images were taken at the Northwind Perennial Farm west of Burlington, WI. These textures work especially well with cloudy day scenes - which this seems to be when Kathy and I go to Northwind. We typically find some things to add to our garden as well.

Reaching this way & that
to a sky unseen,
as if missing.
There is refuge
yet to be found,
for the pondering soul.

A meadow for quiet reflection located at Swan and County Line Road in Mequon. I like how the texture colours accented the green on the spring foliage.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Digital Scrap Booking

There is an emerging market of "Digital Scrap Bookers" which has been popular among the hybrid scrap book and stamping enthusiasts for quite a while. Photographers can use their own images and now present them in an exciting and creative manner. Images are placed on a digital paper consisting of several layers to bring out the desired colours and graphics. Elements are added for an artistic quality. The papers and elements are provided by artists who offer their designs for others to use.

Digital scrapbooking is essentially paper scrapping with computer software. The software, backgrounds and embellishments are quite varied. With paper scrapping one goes to stores, but digital supplies are purchased on line. Individual kits are inexpensive but do add up.

One actually has the best of both worlds with digital scrap booking because pages can be tweaked over again without damaging the elements. If one decides to change the photos but keep the exact same layout, it’s pretty easy to do. Favorite layouts can be printed to share with family and friends - as long as the artists’ (who provide the backgrounds and elements) terms of use are honored.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mequon Nature Preserve - April 18, 2011

A cloudy Spring day may not be colorful or exciting. 
This is one way to present it.
A vernal pond that will soon team with life.
 Another view of nature.
 Edge of the woods where one can find a pond.
Since this was a grey day, 
these were converted to black & white, with increased contrast.
Various textures with color were overlaid for the final effect.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lake Michigan Ice Volcanoes

These were taken during late afternoon after the blizzard of February 2-3 passed over Milwaukee. The ENE winds were particularly strong during and after the storm. There were lake shore flood warnings posted, but I think the ice along the shoreline prevented that from happening. 

The result however, gave Milwaukee a an experience often seen along the Lake Superior shoreline, as explained in this link.
This series was taken from the McKinley beach lookout point. The ice balls are typically formed in the lake and are thrown onto the ice shelf during the storms.
While a peaceful moment, you can see two people silhouetted against the wave action. 
View from Klode Park in Whitefish Bay.
Winter sunset from Kletszch Park in Glendale.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The ART of Winter

The February 2nd blizzard in Milwaukee was heralded by lake effect snow preceding the the storm. Strong ENE winds drove the biting lake effect snow onshore.

The twelve to eighteen inch snowfall occurred during the night time hours. The opportunity to venture out was possible by the middle of the following afternoon. This a a view of the skies over Lake Michigan.
A view of Lake Michigan from atop the bluff at Atwater Beach in Shorewood Wisconsin.
The lone Alphabet Man, a tree and a bench to sit on for enjoying winters view. The groundhog did not see its shadow in the morning, but did if he came out in the afternoon. So Spring arrival is any ones guess.
A cold Winter sunset.