Tuesday, September 15, 2009

IN:SITE Park East Corridor Public Art Project

This video is a collection of images created from the recent public art project brought to Milwaukee by IN:SITE. Many of the involved artists installations are represented as well as some rare views from inside Sydney Hih.

"Disinterment" by Gary John Gresl, a faux archaeological dig site embellished with objects. This is a High Dynamic Range image processed in Photomatix.

"cede" by Annushka Peck, a billboard map of the Park East.

"Uniting the Fence" by Kasia Drake, a community volunteer effort to alter a chain-link fence with fabric. The image was rendered in Corel Painter®.

Watching the fabric dance
on a chain-link fence.

Sydney Hih - a Milwaukee landmark and location of several IN:SITE projects including photographs by several CoPA members.