Sunday, July 1, 2012

When textures and photos coalesce...

While I enjoy creating interesting, thought provoking and artistic photographs; I also enjoy making them "stop to get noticed" with colorful textures that make them pop.

This year started with yet another collection of images I call WIP (works in progress), which differentiates with the collection of last years WIP. Individual chapters for each year usually start with the opportunity to be outside on a pleasant day. This image is of piling being driven in to the Milwaukee Riverbed, to form the foundation for the new bridge on Juneau Avenue. This expedition commenced with going downtown to see if Sydney Hih was still there - since it was (still there), I was pleasantly surprised to find this plethora of steel beams rising to the occasion.

I enjoy photographing nekkid trees. This was taken at Catalano Square in the Third Ward when nobody was looking.

The demise of a shattered building within the Horlick complex in Racine, WI.

The Wisconsin DNR side of the Horicon Marsh.

Here is a slide show of more coalesced images.

Here is the "Works" on my website.