Monday, May 8, 2017

Springtime at the Blue Heron Wildlife Sanctuary

Blue Heron is a 90-plus acre wildlife sanctuary, which was once a farm, and has been dedicated to protect native wildlife and plants. The property is on the west bank of the Milwaukee River, contains a pond and a number of streams, and is open to the public during daylight hours. Members of the public are welcome to walk Blue Heron's trails, take a boardwalk to the pond (north and west of the log-cabin style visitor center, picnic along the Milwaukee River (follow the trail from the parking lot down to the River), or snowshoe or cross-country ski in the winter. Enjoy the scenery and the diverse plants and animals.

Bordering the Milwaukee River, the Blue Heron Sanctuary has seemingly endless well maintained trails for hiking year round and cross-country skiing in winter. The trails move through different habitats including wooded areas and grasslands. President of the board, Annamarie Dittmar, said that otters have been sighted on the river as well.

The sanctuary is also part of an animal rehab program. Wild animals are rescued and afterward released onto the property.