Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Digital Scrap Booking

There is an emerging market of "Digital Scrap Bookers" which has been popular among the hybrid scrap book and stamping enthusiasts for quite a while. Photographers can use their own images and now present them in an exciting and creative manner. Images are placed on a digital paper consisting of several layers to bring out the desired colours and graphics. Elements are added for an artistic quality. The papers and elements are provided by artists who offer their designs for others to use.

Digital scrapbooking is essentially paper scrapping with computer software. The software, backgrounds and embellishments are quite varied. With paper scrapping one goes to stores, but digital supplies are purchased on line. Individual kits are inexpensive but do add up.

One actually has the best of both worlds with digital scrap booking because pages can be tweaked over again without damaging the elements. If one decides to change the photos but keep the exact same layout, it’s pretty easy to do. Favorite layouts can be printed to share with family and friends - as long as the artists’ (who provide the backgrounds and elements) terms of use are honored.