Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scenes of the Menomonee River...

These are some of the images taken during the Plein Air Event earlier this October. This was taken from the 6th Street Bridge at the Harley Museum - looking east on the Saturday afternoon when we had the neat clouds. I procrastinated and started a little late.

Looking west from the 13th Street Bridge.

Looking east from the 13th street Bridge. I liked that cloud above the WE smoke stacks.

The 16th Street Viaduct - Father Groppi's bridge. This was taken from the Hank Aaron Trail behind the Marquette Athletic Fields.

Where the Menomonee River bends under Canal Street at the 27th Street Viaduct.

All images © Richard Bublitz - all rights reserved.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sometimes I think that every picture that could be taken, already has been taken.

At least by someone. I want to change that.

The art of digital photomontage and its various practices is offering exciting opportunities for expressionism. My work at this stage is quite simple when compared to others who have pioneered with this. The core of my work however, is based on my own photography and handled in a way to present an insight to the image at hand.

Some pieces blend several images that are quite evident, and are combined in a way to provide their own identity. This image is a combination of a late Fall day leading to the Mackinac Bridge connecting the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan, and the Mission San Xavier del Bac (White Dove of the Desert) south of Tuscon, Arizona (yep, vacation photos). The brick pattern in the upper right background has meaning to the Matrix movie enthusiasts. I call it "Across This Country".

Most of this work includes an overlay of texture, in a colour that emulates a Rembrandt palette of deep warm colours. This is "Passage of Time" a side of one of the Pabst Brewery buildings.

This image was taken of a store window. It was important for me to remember a message on a poster inside. To make it my own, I added an appropriate portrait of mine over the poster, along with a flower in the corner for colour and contrast. The message is "Free Your Self".

A Third Ward street festival scene with added grunge texture - where someone was taken by surprise. "Invasion of Privacy".

I do a lot of people photography both on the "Street" and with portraits in the studio. I like to work with models for my personal work - preferably those with an education in theatre or dance. While the portrait of this model is excellent on it's own merit, incorporating it with a window form a greenhouse in Racine along with the texture, this gave it a whole new meaning.

This is the type of work I really enjoy doing!