Saturday, September 3, 2011

Springtime images—seeing in a different way

I'm revisiting some images made this past Spring (I like starting this year over again) and reworking them with my favorite Flypaper Textures. These not only provide texture, but adds colour as well - and by stacking them and using various blending modes in Photoshop®, this can result with unlimited renditions. I use the Spring, Summer and Edges packs, and learning how to master these is a project in itself. There is a Flicker group where users post their work as well.

These first two images were taken at the Northwind Perennial Farm west of Burlington, WI. These textures work especially well with cloudy day scenes - which this seems to be when Kathy and I go to Northwind. We typically find some things to add to our garden as well.

Reaching this way & that
to a sky unseen,
as if missing.
There is refuge
yet to be found,
for the pondering soul.

A meadow for quiet reflection located at Swan and County Line Road in Mequon. I like how the texture colours accented the green on the spring foliage.