Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kletzsch Park Falls

Glendale is an area once inhabited by Potawatomie Indians, it has been said there are burial grounds along the Milwaukee River as it winds through the park. Kletzsch Park had become one of the most popular parks in the county park system during the early 1930’s – with a river swimming beach and picnic area.

Kletzsch Park was also greatly improved with the use of relief labor. A Civilian Conservation Corps camp was established in Kletzsch Park in May of 1935 and discontinued in November of 1935.

The CCC projects completed included a new dam built across the Milwaukee River with CCC labor. The new structure, built of reinforced concrete in a serpentine design to lengthen the crest, provided increased discharge capacity without widening the river. Models prepared by the landscape design section of the planning department served as guides in erecting the stone facing and the fish ladder built into the face of the dam. The dam has the appearance of a natural waterfall.

Historical information from the “Friends of Kletzsch Park" website - and click on Kletzsch History.


Keith said...

Love the panoramic view of the dam - I've photographed it many times, but not from this perspective. It gives a much more expansive feel.

Nature Photographer said...

There have been times that I have not taken any images with my camera. I just sat on the bench and listened to nature and enjoyed the peace and quite. For over five yeas I have gone to this dam area--Spring,Summer,Fall and Winter, early morning,noon and sunset. Wildlife captured include carninals, deer,great blue herons, jumping salmon and othe native fish.

I enjoy the simple things in life and this is my native land and let no man destroy it.