Monday, April 10, 2017

Solvay Coke, the ideal fuel

... and the land can be yours for $4,200,000

The Solvay Coke & Gas plant originally opened in 1906 and closed its doors in April, 1983. Plans to demolish the expansive site have been in the works for years, but the intensive cleanup efforts mandated by the EPA have put this plant in limbo. It is, after all, a Superfund site: arsenic, lead, asbestos, and a whole host of other chemicals have been mixed into the ground.

The 46-acre Solvay Coke & Gas site is privately owned, and discussions over its future have centered on whether it should become a light industrial park or mixed-use commercial and housing development. It has been tied up in a bankruptcy lawsuit for years, and is contaminated.

A federal bankruptcy judge in Illinois last month signed off on a plan to sell the land this spring. Wisconsin Gas, a subsidiary of WEC Energy Group in Milwaukee, is the leading bidder to buy the property with a $4 million offer. WEC Energy has said it wants to work with the city and Harbor District to revitalize the property, but hasn’t released any specific plans.

The court-appointed receiver overseeing the property has hired Hilco Real Estate LLC of Northbrook Ill., to market the property to other potential bidders. Other companies must submit offers of at least $4.2 million by March 21. If any competing bids emerge, an auction will be held April 3.

“This site could essentially be the keystone for any future development of Milwaukee’s harbor area, especially given its proximity to the interstate and public transportation,” said Joel Schneider, senior vice president of Hilco Real Estate.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons... building the future

Northwestern Mutual is investing in a signature development that reflects a financially strong and growing company in a flourishing city with growth potential. The success and growth seen in the design of our new building will help lead the way in attracting and retaining top talent and new business to Milwaukee.

Check out the building designs HERE

A few progress images:

November 2015

2016 from the MAM Lakefront Festival of the Arts

April 3, 2017

The original Northwestern Mutual on the left...

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