Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kohler-Andrae State Park

I had camped and visited Terry Andrae State Park when I was a teenager and visited there later a number of times with my young family.

The park has changed since my early years with the addition of the JM Kohler State Park. They are both managed as a single unit by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

I was confused when I returned early in July, as I remembered the entrance to be quite different. It had indeed relocated to to north end of the Kohler Park which is just north of Terry Andrae Park. What I remembered as wide beaches, are now stabilized with grasses. And, with the high lake level, the beaches are almost non existent as swimming beaches. 

These images were taken early August.  

The nature trails are quite thrilling. The Dunes Coardwalk meander throughout and offer views of active and stabilized sand dunes, internal wetlands, and white pine forest.