Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pioneer Village World War II Living History Event, May 21, 2016

Pioneer Village is a collection of over 24 restored buildings and structures dated from the 1840's to early 1900's, nestled in a unique rural village setting amidst the rolling Hawthorne Hills. On May 21, 2016 The Ozaukee County Historical Society held a World War II Living History Event nestled on the grounds of Pioneer Village, within these restored structures. Battles and demonstrations were staged; equipment, vehicles, weaponry and uniforms could be seen.

Here is a six minute YouTube video of this event:   

Here are just a few of the stills

This is one I viewed with a double-take. For those who went to MATC photography, the name on this foot locker was one of our photography instructors in the 1960's.


United Service Organizations for National Defense Stateside Operations; WWII Living History Group
We are a group of women and men dedicated to preserving the history of the United Service Organizations (USO) during the World War Two time period. Our mission is not only that of preservation, but also one of education. Our goal is to represent the experiences of the women and men of the World War Two era USO through participation in living history displays, re-enactments, parades, and ceremonies.

Our members portray a wide range of folk, just like the real people of the World War Two USO. However, we are mainly concerned with the portrayal of the average Jane and average Joe; those unsung volunteer heroes of the USO, whose combined efforts were nothing short of herculean and their impact monumentally important to the nation's war effort.