Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Identity project…

Identity is our sensory perception of a physical awareness and the resulting transfer to one’s memory. These are retained as mind pictures to be recalled, sometimes unexpectedly and other times as aroused by current phenomenon. The intent here is to explore quiet introspection, by engaging reflective contemplation. These portraits need not to be considered a collection of pretty or sensual images, but as a means to tap awareness thoughts. The journey starts with the image and a tag line—it continues from that point as visual poetry.


Likewise, these portraits are identities unto themselves—a distinct individual who thinks, feels and who have human experiences to share. Studio portraiture and controlled lighting is preferred, where the model may be just one’s self or acting out a role. Encouragement and rapport is established—to overcome the artificiality of posing in front of the camera. These images are created in an emotive and poetic manner, and are directed to portray a variety of feelings, behavior and experiences.

It takes a little effort

The original digital images are rendered in Photoshop® and layered with a texture and other objects in a unifying manner, then finished with a stylized vignette. Some are rendered in black and white; others are toned and reveal hints of muted color. Both chromogenic prints and pigmented ink prints are offered.

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