Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Remember the Marquette Interchange Construction Project?

A revisit of the demolition days... but with a different vision. A limited edition of these as metallic prints are offered.

This first image is a new favorite of mine. One of the project managers wrote about how proud he was to be part of this project and how he felt when he came to work in the morning and saw these towering booms. He said "It’s what all of us in this business have looked to do all our lives—be involved in some really significant work. This is a job we’ll be able to tell our grandchildren about.”

This image has 11 crane booms and depicts various phases of demolition and new construction - all while traffic through the interchange is kept moving.

The Milwaukee Courthouse Parking Annex was built over the northbound lanes of I-43 and has served it's time. It was demolished as part of the project.

These next two views are scenes that first got me interested in photographing and learning about the project.

A snow fall during the Holiday break. This is all new construction now and is a view from St. Paul Avenue looking south. The 160 page book with over 300 images can be found here.


Mark Stall said...

I very much like the feel of this technique used! It like the darkened, painterly, vignetted corners! You'll have to share the technique with us one day. You wanna play with some posing props again? Please? Let's Talk. Mark S

eddee said...

I love these! Nice feel to them. Like Mark, I'd love to know how you did it.


Bob Israel said...

Richard, these are all spectacular. They're paintings (masterpieces). Wonderful/