Saturday, March 5, 2016

Travels with Kathy...

I have created several slideshows this winter, of some of places we've seen over the years. These are available for view now on YouTube and are a work in progress.

Click on the title to access a video:

Orlando Florida
A week in Orlando Florida, April 2002.

The Mississippi River
Following the towns along the Mississippi River north from La Crosse Wisconsin via Highway 35. July 2005.

Sedona Arizona
Over millions of years, layers of sandstone and limestone were left in the area by a receeding ocean. Iron oxide eventually covered the grains of sandstone and, in a natural process, rust formed. The stunningly beautiful red rocks of Sedona are the result of this process. December 2003.

Saguaro National Park
The Giant Saguaro is the most fascinating plant of the Sonoran Desert. It's skin is tough and waxy and its woody skeleton is concealed inside the plant. The trunk and arms are pleated like an accordion and can expand or contract with the amount of water taken in. In the place of leaves the Saguaro has thousands of spines to shade and protect itself. December 203.

Mission San Xavier del Bac
The White Dove of the Desert, aka Mission San Xavier del Bac, is one of the many Catholic missions in the American Southwest. It’s part of a series of missions trailing north into Arizona from Mexico. The White Dove was founded by Franciscan friars in the late 1700s, and continues as an active Catholic church today. With its whitewashed walls, ornate interior, and garden courtyard, this is one of the more intriguing missions in the southwest. December 2003.

Door County Trek
Door County has a rich history surrounding the water and land that make up the peninsula and islands. It’s also steeped in the stories of the first people to arrive here, including Native Americans and European settlers who fell in love with the beauty and natural bounty of the county. They settled here, named the communities, and through they didn’t know it at the time, started much of the unique culture that visitors appreciate so much today. August 2006.

Cave Point
Door County, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan, August 2006

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