Monday, July 3, 2017

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

The first week of summer had arrived when these were taken...

Summer has arrived, and lush leaf cover shades much of the Center’s six miles of trails. Flowering prairie plants rise to greet the bright summer sun and a cool breeze accompanies the fossils washing up along our Lake Michigan shoreline.

My adventures generally start as a purpose for a walking exercise, where I just happen to bring my camera along. While these images may not necessarily be newsworthy, they do serve a purpose for exploring the beauty of what surround us. And to get away from the tribulations we experience today. Thank goodness for these natural sanctuaries. 

Schlitz Audubon Website

 Reflecting clouds at the Teal Pond

The new boardwalk on Mystery Lake

 A popular homesteader

Lilies abundant

 Young adults awaken from their nap


 A walk around the West Meadows Trail

Schlitz Audubon Website

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