Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Brief History of Shalom Wildlife Zoo

It does look good in FULL SCREEN

Beginning in 1979, thirty acres of land was purchased with the intent to preserve it from development.  Over the years additional adjacent parcels were acquired. Today the Zoo encompasses 100 acres.  Shalom's wildlife began as a deer farm with native whitetail deer that were purchased from the State of Wisconsin.  People would come to see those "Big Bucks" on guided wagon ride tours through the property.  The tours provided a great opportunity to educate visitors on animals, plants, habitat and Native American culture. In 1990 Bison and Elk were added for additional  wildlife viewing enjoyment. Soon red fox, raccoon, skunk and mink were purchased and put on exhibit. Every year more species are added. In 2002 self guided tours were made available for those that wanted to walk, and in 2006 golf carts were added for those who were unable to walk.  

Although still a working farm, in 2010 Shalom was licensed as a Zoo and is home to over four-hundred animals that are cared for daily.  Some of the animals are here for permanent placement, some have been donated and some have been purchased.

Our Mission Statement: To preserve the wilderness, while providing education, enjoyment and wildlife encounters in a natural ecosystem.

Shalom is a privately owned federally licensed zoo and receives no government assistance. We are solely funded by the admission fee to the zoo.  Your visits are important to the future of  Shalom. With your support we strive to improve Shalom Wildlife Zoo.

Needless to say, it is not really possible to find some of the animals at any one visit. Everything I saw was on about a three hour visit, and that's enough for me.

Shalom is a Hebrew word that means Peace. 

1901 Shalom Drive, West Bend WI 53090

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