Monday, October 20, 2008

Self-published books

CoPA members had an introduction to self-published books earlier this year. This aroused my interest, as I had quite a collection of images already taken of the Marquette Interchange Construction Project. I had planned on continuing with this photography through the completion of the Project this last August.

I decided to use for my books and sampled their work with a few smaller projects. The quality was great, turnaround was adequate and the price was right!. I have been in regular contact with one of the Project Managers from Marquette Constructors - who said that he would be interested in seeing a proof of the book when it was ready.

Long story, short... I gave him a soft cover and a hard cover book with a dust jacket, he showed it around - and the consortium made an initial purchase of 140 books! It was the top seller on for the week it was sold. Those involved with the Project, do like the images as well as the book form. Thought others would like to know that. Here's the book on blurb.

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