Sunday, May 10, 2009

Inner voice and other rambling...

I was recently asked if I had found my inner voice - this was of course, within the context of photography. I suppose I was being asked this in an effort for me to find the direction my photography was taking me, and possibly narrow my photographic vision towards a specific course. This seems to be what many fine art photographers do, and those who are most successful enjoy gallery representation because of their specific vision.

On a spiritual level, I found this on "Where there's a swinging pendulum, there's a 'paradoxical tension', where the different approaches correct each other. On one hand, you find yourself through the inner voice - that is, through exploring yourself. On the other hand, you find yourself through order, place, work, authority - in short, through other people. "

This probably explains where I am at because I photograph what I am drawn to - be it portraiture, documentary, figure, street photography, city and landscapes and whatever else moves me. Each offers their own particular challenges for me to address.

With this in mind, I am taking the opportunity to partner with other photographers on photo walk-abouts to share in photographic camaraderie. These images were taken on a recent hike with Eddee Daniel in the Riverside Park area adjacent to the Urban Ecology Center.

While I have photographed early spring landscapes in the past, I did not enjoy the results due to the lack of color and interest - Eddee is quite happy with it however, which is why I welcomed the opportunity to shoot with him. I am particularly drawn to the bare tree limbs against the sky, and converting to black and white infrared completed these images for me.

I am quite focused on such excursions, and reminded of the Bob Dylan lyrics "Ain't talkin', just walkin'" and let my mind wander with what I experience - what this scene was and what it might become - and portray it for it's aesthetic and spiritual value. [/ramble]

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