Friday, March 16, 2012

More with the iPhone ...

Another excursion with the iPhone, this time to a forgotten land within Kletzsch Park. This is an area beyond Picnic Area 4 (at the north end of the park) and past the soccer fields to the south, behind the maintenance building. It is like a peninsula formed by an oxbow of the Milwaukee River.

There is a shabby trail on the circumference lined with rather old and broken trees. While this area has not been maintained, there are nice homes on the opposite side of the Milwaukee River. The topography of course, is exposed at this time of year. There is a meadow of tall grasses at the center of this parcel, I plan to visit there during the summertime.

Currently, I process these images in Lightroom 2 to include the color effect and blur the edges in Photoshop® CS4. This tends to be the rave for iPhone photography, but done with iPhone aps. I did not use textures with this series.

iPhone 3Gs that is now an iPod - good by AT&T

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