Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall at Estabrook Park...

Located along the eastern border of Glendale, Estabrook Park boasts the Oak Leaf Trail, inline hockey, sand volleyball, soccer fields, softball diamonds, a dog exercise area, one of Milwaukees original beer gardens, along with the continuing seven year saga of the Estabrook dam.

Known as "Terra Vista", this outcropping dates from the late Devonian Period in earth history, 417-354 million years ago. It differs from the more common Silurian reef deposits found regionally in that just enough shale is associated with the limestone to make high quality water resistant cement. The Milwaukee Cement Company quarried this site for over thirty years in the late 1800's, until a flood redirected the Milwaukee River and operations had to be shut down.

The gates of the Estabrook dam have been left open since 2008. This dam has been slated for repair and the funds have been appropriated by Milwaukee County and the Wisconsin DNR. However, the Milwaukee Riverkeepers continue to push their lawsuit to prevent this from happening. Right now, this is dependent on a fish passage to be included in the Milwaukee County budget.  See the JS Online article.  Here are the facts from a recent Glendale Forum on the matter.

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